About Me

Hello, my name is Adam Pippin. I'm an IT professional and overall handy guy living in Regina, SK.

I've spent the last decade consciously and constantly focusing on growing as both a person and a professional. Constantly seeking out new and interesting problems to tackle, I've managed to expose myself to a variety of people, situations, and technologies that have given me some fairly exclusive opportunities to really develop my skillset and myself.

And one time I came in to work and defused a bomb.

Professional Experience

I've been at my current employer—an advertising agency—for a little over 5 years now. “Advertising Agency” doesn't really do it justice. In the past five years I've put together my share of brochure websites and eCommerce solutions, but I've also been tasked with things like creating a GIS lookup tool that runs on a coffee table, pulling out my soldering iron and trying to add networking capabilities to a Chinese-import wireless transmitter, managing nearly one million dollars per year in digital advertising spend, using computer vision to simulate physics on patron drawings, and developing custom device drivers based off of 190 page integrators' manuals.

Prior to this opportunity, I put my time in contracting (and performing all the tasks that go along with that—client and partner management, book keeping, etc) and worked at a small website development company.

Personal Life

I like to keep my personal life pretty simple and uneventful. There's enough stress without creating more or seeking it out. I'm usually happier spending a night in than a night out.

I enjoy a few hobbies such as working on my car, target shooting, drinking bourbon and repairing/breaking things. I enjoy travelling, though you're more likely to find me driving around in a backwoods Kentucky town or skiing in British Columbia town than you are to find me laying on the beaches of Hawaii.

I put a conscious effort over the years into not being the stereotypical IT guy. I do a pretty good job of being approachable and speaking in terms appropriate to the audience. To me it's a point of pride to be have understood a complex concept to the point where I can explain it in a way that anybody could understand.

My Approach

My approach to my life—professional and personal—is pretty straightforward. I always strive to do a great job. Just because my work will be hidden behind a beautiful user interface or a piece of drywall doesn't mean I'm happy doing anything less than my best. Sometimes this can be a source of strife in my life as I like to hold the people around me up to the same standard—always doing the best we can.