FreeBSD 12 Jail Host - Part 5 - Usage (2021)

Estimated reading time: Seal yourself in a dark room for a day or two.

At this point everything should be working. This document covers some general advice and points you towards a few commands that should be handy.

The Journey

All the parts in this series.

The Architecture

It really depends heavily on what sort of workload you plan on running, but some general thoughts:

The Jails

Some extra handy commands.

The Applications

Some things you might want to run (and where available/necessary, FreeBSD-specific instructions for doing so).

The Outstanding Issues

No idea if you'll run into the same problems I did, but a couple of outstanding issues that I just haven't gotten around to resolving yet.

The End

Hopefully that helps, whoever you are! (Future me. It's likely future me.)