This list is not exhaustive or even particularly representative. My work at the ad agency led to a lot of nice project descriptions and cool pictures, but my work since debugging Kubernetes and writing Cloudformation templates has been a bit less accessible. For that, you'll just have to drop me a line!

There's an assortment of small tools, libraries, and other things available in my git repositories (opens in a new window). They're certainly not representative of my best work, but it gives you a glimpse into some of what I do.

Stuff I Like


Desktop applications or online line-of-business applications with a little more functionality than your typical website.

  • Club Vitals (2010) — SaaS ticketing solution for fitness clubs to track equipment maintenance and increase member happiness.

Experiential Marketing

One of my employer's main line of business was sending staff on-site to market at tradeshow booths, concerts, and other events. These are projects developed in support of that.

  • Conexus FreeStyle Bird (2014) — Simple and fun way to carry the engagements from the event to the patrons' homes.
  • Mosaic - Brier Curling Game (2018) — Hey have we ever done any computer vision before? No? Well, now's a good time to start.
  • Mosaic Moments (2015) — Collect input from fans on the best way to give the old stadium a sendoff.
  • Mysask411 Scavenger Hunt (2014) — Raise brand loyalty with a street level contest for their fans.
  • Mysask411 Text to Win (2014) — Create engagement at events and collect customer demographics with SMS polling.
  • SaskPower Podiums (2014) — A way to seamlessly integrate educational experiences into their tradeshow exhibits.
  • SaskTel 25th Anniversary Quiz (2014) — A way to get people engaged with the 25th Anniversary of Wireless communications in Saskatchewan.
  • SaskTel Frost Week (2014) — Add contesting to the street level campaigns at the University of Regina.
  • SaskTel infiNET Latency Demo (2014) — The chance to experience first-hand the benefits of fibre optic networks.
  • WorkSafe Virtual Reality (2015) — People experiencing first hand how easily things can go wrong at work.


There's always going to be something that doesn't fit into the mold.


Basic promotional materials.

  • Captive (2014) — After over 20 years in business it was time for a brand refresh.
  • Cross Borders (2013) — A brand and a website that really shows what sets them apart.
  • Crown Investment Corporation (2010) — A straightforward way to distribute information to Saskatchewan residents.
  • Kindness Project (2013) — Trying to do something good for the community.
  • Munro Homes (2014) — A website as polished as their homes are.
  • Relocation One (2014) — Simple clean website with a concise message.
  • SaskTel Street Team (2014) — Rebranded to appeal to a new generation of young adults.


One day when I have time.

  • Captive Traffik & Pdot (2014) — Ticketing, Workflow, Digital Contract and Reporting System
  • FCC Tradeshow Kiosk, Sync Tools, Analytics (2017) — Interactive tradeshow experience with a loan selector tool and a heavy focus on beautiful imagery. Process for securely passing data from the offline kiosks to the backend for follow-up contact and analytics.
  • Conexus #MoneyTalk development
  • FCC Ag More Than Ever Tradeshow Kiosk, Sync Tools, Aalytics (2016) — Tradeshow kiosk with integrated photobooth experience. Process for syncing the offline kiosks to actually send the photobooth images to patrons and analytics.
  • SaskTel - InterNET Locator (2016) — 55" Touchscreen running a bespoke GIS tool for looking up available internet services at your location then simulating your current versus the best available packages in a variety of common tasks.
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre - Electric Eddy (2015) — Touchscreen game for children installed in the Saskatchewan Science Centre that helps teach them basic memory and motor skills while reminding them to turn off lights and electronics when they're done with them.