This list is not exhaustive. I'm particularly proud of my work on the Mosaic Stadium LED Wristband project.


Desktop applications or online line-of-business applications with a little more functionality than your typical website.

  • Club Vitals (2010) — SaaS ticketing solution for fitness clubs to track equipment maintenance and increase member happiness.

Experiential Marketing

One of my employer's main line of business is sending staff on-site to market at tradeshow booths, concerts, and other events. These are projects developed in support of that.

  • Conexus FreeStyle Bird (2014) — Simple and fun way to carry the engagements from the event to the patrons' homes.
  • Mosaic Moments (2015) — Collect input from fans on the best way to give the old stadium a sendoff.
  • Mysask411 Scavenger Hunt (2014) — Raise brand loyalty with a street level contest for their fans.
  • Mysask411 Text to Win (2014) — Create engagement at events and collect customer demographics with SMS polling.
  • SaskPower Podiums (2014) — A way to seamlessly integrate educational experiences into their tradeshow exhibits.
  • SaskTel 25th Anniversary Quiz (2014) — A way to get people engaged with the 25th Anniversary of Wireless communications in Saskatchewan.
  • SaskTel Frost Week (2014) — Add contesting to the street level campaigns at the University of Regina.
  • SaskTel infiNET Latency Demo (2014) — The chance to experience first-hand the benefits of fibre optic networks.
  • WorkSafe Virtual Reality (2015) — People experiencing first hand how easily things can go wrong at work.


There's always going to be something that doesn't fit into the mold.

  • Mosaic Stadium LED Wristbands (2016) — Two weeks, 30,000 wrist bands, 1,400' of cable, a little bit of luck. We lit up the stadium while Canada watched.


Basic promotional materials.

  • Captive (2014) — After over 20 years in business it was time for a brand refresh.
  • Cross Borders (2013) — A brand and a website that really shows what sets them apart.
  • Crown Investment Corporation (2010) — A straightforward way to distribute information to Saskatchewan residents.
  • Kindness Project (2013) — Trying to do something good for the community.
  • Munro Homes (2014) — A website as polished as their homes are.
  • Relocation One (2014) — Simple clean website with a concise message.
  • SaskTel Street Team (2014) — Rebranded to appeal to a new generation of young adults.