Conexus FreeStyle Bird (2014)

Capitalizing on the interest in popular mobile games at the time, Conexus's FreeStyle Bird game was developed to help encourage users to interact with the Conexus Street Team as well as take the interaction home with them and to their Facebook circles.

Using the Canvas API, the FreeStyle Bird game is playable across all manner of device and screen size and compatible with almost any browser you will find in the wild. (It even worked in IE8 with a polyfill, however the performance was too poor.) A modified version was sent out installed in the back of a vehicle where patrons got to play on a 50" TV using an iPad as a controller.

Provided art and sound assets from the designer, I developed the promotional site as well as the game itself. All aspects of the game design from speeds, map generation, and difficulty to the exact arc that the bird takes when flapping were in my hands.

Client Conexus Credit Union
Employer Captive
Design Serge Bourgault