Mosaic Moments (2015)

Mosaic wanted to find out everyone's favourite memories of the old Mosaic Stadium so they could give it a proper send-off. Some of the highlights over the years were selected and staff were sent out to Mosaic Stadium during Saskatchewan Roughrider pregame and half-time periods to poll the fans. Results were displayed live on TVs at either end of the concourse.

In lieu of sometimes unreliable cellular networks, these promotions were run using only WiFi to allow the iPad devices the polling was performed on to communicate results with the Raspberry Pi driving the TV displays. Further, in the event of communication problems, results were queued up to be submitted when a more reliable connection became available to ensure a minimum of problems.

I developed the page for the iPad to perform the polling, the TV display, specced and sourced the wireless and Raspberry Pi hardware, and provided support for the teams on the ground.

Client The Mosaic Company
Employer Captive
Design Serge Bourgault