SaskTel infiNET Latency Demo (2014)

When everyone can get the Facebooks on their iPad even when they're not near their Wi-Fi at home, why does everyone need fiber? SaskTel needed a way to help communicate some of the advantages of a fiber optic network in a quick and effective manner. This display provided a simplified demonstration of how adding additional devices to a home network can impact performance by demonstrating the difference in video streaming and gaming performance on a typical connection versus on a fiber optic connection. An iPad interface allows users to drag all of the devices used in their home into the scene to see how fiber could improve their network and video streaming performance.

The display and iPad controller communicate using websockets mediated by a node.js daemon. Side-by-side HTML5 <video> tags are used with JavaScript control of the seek controls to create a stuttering effect.

Given the idea, I implemented a solution to meet the objectives which was then sent back to the designers to create visual elements that would fit. The product has been used by SaskTel for over four years running, surviving several marketing direction changes and a company-wide brand refresh.

Client SaskTel
Employer Captive
Design Serge Bourgault